Movie License

Movie License Information:

Program planners,
We have another resource for innovative and creative programming at TCPL! We are on track to have an umbrella movie license, through MPLC, starting on March 1st. This means that programs with films covered by the license may be planned for March 2015 - March 2016 in our buildings. Just a reminder, the deadline for promotion in the Pocket Edition for March/April/May 2015 is Jan 7.

MPLC offers licensing for 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Classics, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Military Channel, Thinkfilm, and Scholastic Pictures. Some feature film studios, some documentary studios and some children’s programming studios are represented.

The website is They have a programming guide and list of studios covered there and they are also attached below. The covered films themselves are not listed, but you can check IMDB to make sure. MPLC does not offer licensing for everything, but it has a good selection of feature films and documentaries.

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