Digital Collections

Listed below are some worthwhile digital collections.

Copyright Free or Fair Use Images and Media

The Teacher Tap Public Domain, Copyright Free, Open Source, and Student Use Images and Media is a portal to some of the better copyright-free and public domain resources. Make sure you read the use policies on each site, for there are some limited restrictions.

The Creative Commons Audio Site gives access to a number of music artists who publish their work under the Creative Commons license, allowing fair use of the works for remixing, podcasting, etc. Read each artist's restrictions for use.

freeimages offers a large selection of free use photos. offers a number of free use photos. offers more free photos.

The Smashing Magazine Texture Library is a very good library for unusual textures, for use in web design or graphic design. All textures are free.

NOCTUA Graphics: Great textures for download

A Touch of Texture More textures! tells you everything you wanted to know about color, both for the web and for paints.

Free Fonts

Download fonts for free from

Here's a wonderful list of handdrawn fonts available on the web for free— 45 Most Beautiful Hand Drawn Fonts.

Fontello: Custom font icon sets at fontello

History Related Collections

Library of Congress photostream on Flickr Some of the Library of Congress digital collection is available through their Flickr site.

The Indiana Memory web portal, from the Indiana State Library, connects many of Indiana's most historically significant collections into a single search engine.

David Rumsey Historic Map Collection This collection contains historic Indiana maps, as well as maps for the entire US.

New York Public Library Digital Collections This is a gateway to the many online digital collections offered by the New York Public Library. Select "collection descriptions" from the sidabar menu to see the various collections offered, or search by keyword by using the search box in the center of the screen.

The New York State Digital Collections offers access (currently) to 13 digital collections, such as the Harlem Hellfighters Collection, and a Native American Collection.

The New York Public Library Picture Collection Online This is a direct link into the NYPL digital picture collection.

The IUPUI Digital Collection Browse this by collections, or search by keyword.

The History Center Digital Collection Browse their extensive digital collection by keyword, historical time period, or subject. From the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society.

The University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections This is a very large collection of photo archives, and includes an archive of 19th century actors, singers, and theater owners, as well as Native American collections and Gold Rush collections. Resources are generally on the Northwest US, but collections of photographs from the USSR, China, and Civil War letters are included as well.

Library of Congress Flickr Photo Collection Offering historical photograph collections through Flickr gives the Library of Congress a welcome opportunity to share some of our most popular images with a new visual community.

The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Reading Room offers access to more than 50% of the Library's holdings.

The National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults Makes 1,200 of the National Archive's 10 billion records available online. Nice interface.

Visual Information Access A resource offered by Harvard University. This web catalog searches across participating digital repositories, including those offered by museums, libraries, and other collections throughout Harvard University.

Illinois Harvest provides organized and thematic access to digitized and born-digital resources about Illinois, created by Illinois scholars, or included among the digital collections of The University of Illinois Library.

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture is the definitive source for information on Arkansas. In addition to text entries, this resource links to thousands of photographs and audio and video clips.

The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture is a similar resource for the state of Tennessee.

Cornell University Library Digital Collections

The Kansas State Historical Society provides access to a number of digital collections, indexed by users and interests.

The Denver Public Library Western History Genealogy Digital Collection Over 120,000 of the images in the collection have been digitized and are available for viewing online in the Digital Image Catalog (formerly Photoswest). The Digital Image Collection consists of prints and negatives that document the history of Colorado and the American West.

OhioPix Digital Collections OhioPix is an image database created by the Ohio Historical Society's Archives/Library to provide online access to photographs, paintings, prints and objects from the Society's collections.

Salem Witch Trials Document Collection Provides online access to maps, court documents, record books, and personal letters from this time.

The Wisconsin Electric Reader provides access to stories, essays, letters, poems, photographs, and other nifty info pertaining to the state of Wisconsin.

The Alaska Digital Archive

Digital Collection of the Indiana Historical Society

The Los Angeles Public Library Collection Search by keyword. Good collection of hollywood celeb pictures.

The Arizona State Library Digital Collection

ONE: Online Nevada Encyclopedia is an online historical portal produced by Nevada Humanities. Most content consists of one to two page reports on a historical topic, accompanied by a photo/video gallery.

The Digital Library of Georgia serves as a portal to over 500,000 digital objects in 100-plus collections from 60 intitutes and 100 government agencies.

The Annie Oakley Poster Archive from The American Experience from PBS.

Annie Oakley at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Video Sites

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading is a video collection of speakers at the annual Technology, Entertainment, Design conferences. Speakers/performers include Billy Graham, Al Gore, Amy Tan, Jane Goodall, and others. Talks are 20 minutes or less.

The Internet Moving Image Archive hosts approximately 139,000 movies, including classic features and cartoons. Browse by subject for best results.

Britishpathe on YouTube Historic videos, like the Hindenburg disaster, etc.

Foreign Digital Archives

Matapihi brings together online collections from 15 libraries, museums, and archives in New Zealand. ::Love New Zealand!:: It currently includes more than 140,000 pictures, paintings, ephemera, film clips, and other material.

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