My Fanfiction

I adore fanfiction, and love writing fanfiction stories. (They are wonderful writing exercises!)

Here is some fanfiction I've produced over the years. No guarantees on spelling or punctuation, for it's been a while since I've looked at these. But boy, did I have fun writing them!

For the TV series Due South:

  • For the Love of a Good Book (Note: The Ray in the story is the FIRST Ray. If you are familiar with the show, you know what I'm talking about.)

For the TV series Stargate SG-1:

  • Abilities This is set early in the series, sometime early in season 2. I wrote it because at that point in the series, I felt that Daniel needed to be the "hero" more often.

For the TV series Farscape: (Which many people have never seen, but which was a marvelous show.)

  • Warriors I wrote this one because I was curious as to how D'Argo would interact with other Luxans.
  • Rage of the Ravishers A longer story, and one involving Scorpy. Scorpy was sooo much fun to write! And yes, the title sounds pulpy, like a movie title from the 1940s-60s, such as "I Walked With a Zombie," or "They Saved Hitler's Brain." But hey, titles are tough to come up with, so sue me!

Fanfiction Recommendations

Most of the fanfic I read is for Lord of the Rings. Here is a list of links to some of my favorite authors, stories, and websites. All stories here are complete.

  • To See a World by Nightwing6 I don't usually recommend stories that are not yet completed, but this is one worth recommending despite the fact it's not finished. The author has been working on this since 2003, and while that seems like a long time, I promise you she updates about twice a year.
  • The Sword of Elendil Okay, so I'm recommending another story that's not completed. This is an excellent story, and the author has been updating regularly of late.


  • The Teitho Fanfiction Contest Site This site hosts a writing contest every month. Writers write to the monthly theme, and then once the stories are posted, readers vote for their favorite. Lots of great stories here.

Story Ideas

A woman keeps binoculars in her purse, whipping them out when seeing a suspected crime. When asked why she keeps binoculars in her purse, she says "Doesn't everybody?" She actually keeps binoculars in her purse because she failed to see her father fall off a ladder at his house across the street.

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