Find People

While there are many "people search" sites and services online, many of them now require that you pay for any information their service retrieves, and you can't verify the quality of their information before you pay.

Here are ways to find people using free sites:

Google People Search

To find people or businesses using Google's phonebook, do the following:

1. Go to
2. To find a person with the last name Smith, first name John, type this into the search box:
phonebook: John Smith

3. To narrow your search, you can add a state: phonebook: John Smith, Indiana

4. To search for businesses only, type in: bphonebook: business name, state
(Example bphonebook: Mike's Pizza, Indiana) NOTE: Make sure you start this search from the Google homepage, and not from within another phonebook search, as once you do a residential phonebook search (next step), any new searches are within the residential phonebook.

5. To search for residential numbers only. type in rphonebook: John Smith, Indiana. Again, please note that if you've already done a business search, and now want to do a residential search, you will need to go back to the Google main page. is still free, and seems to provide good information. I have easily found residential numbers using this site, as well as business numbers.

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