Useful Reference Links

Links are roughly divided by subject or theme.

Dictionaries, Thesauruses, etc.

Visuwords, the Online Graphical Dictionary: Visuwords Website.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

A brief outline of the Library of Congress subject headings.

Chemical Products and Evironmental Reference

ToxSeek is a meta-search engine for issues concerning environmental health and toxicology. Worried about lead in your children's toys? Do a search for "lead" on this site, across the various government and other databases, and find current information on the topic. Use TOXLINE for a search of references from toxicology literature, from the United States National Library of Medicine.

The Household Products Database is maintained by the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine. If you wonder about the health effects or ingredients of common household products, this site is for you. Site is fully searchable by keyword, product, or ingredient.

General Reference

GeoHive is the place to find global statisitics. Want to know the populations of the countries in South America? This site is for you. Populations also broken down by region—i.e. state, province, or select cities.

The International Trade Centre is a site where you can find out what resources a country imports, and what they export. Also offered is a profile of each country's trade performance, and their trade statistics.

The Resource Shelf--Encyclopedia Collection offers links to online, searchable encyclopedias. Many of these are state-related.

Test Reviews Online is a searchable database of tests in print. While you must pay $15 for a review, other information on the tests is free. Contains information on over 4,000 tests.

MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching offered an extensive collection of learning materials on topics such as biology, business, history, music, etc. is an online public opinion site that publishes the results of current polls conducted by US public survey organizations such as NPR, Fox News, Harris, and Gallup. Fully-searchable.

Library of Congress Webguides are guides that allow you to find specific, topic related information available in the Library of Congress Digital Collections.

Literary Reference Sources

Poemhunter is a website that allows you to search or browse through over 310,000 poems.

History Reference Sources

Ellis Island: The American Family Immigration History Center is a free resource that not only gives you information about Ellis Island and its history, but also provides instruction on how you can search their records for names of family members.

The American Civil War Homepage provides links to resources on the Civil War.

Women of the Old West presents bios of both the famous and infamous women of the Old West. Fun stuff!

Science Reference Sources

Tracer Bullets from the Library of Congress are research guides that help you locate information on science and technology subjects. This page lists the tracer bullets by subject/keyword.

Legal Reference

The Legal Threats Database focuses on lawsuits, cease and desist letters, subpoenas, and other legal threats directed at those who engage in online speech.

Genealogy Reference

The USGenWeb Project offers links to other genealogical sites and original pages contributed by members. Site is indexed by state and county.

Name Resources

Behind the Name allows you to check the history, both language and culture-wise, behind your own first name.

20000 Names allows you to view names by nationality. Gives meaning.

[] Lists of common surnames. By nationality.

US Census Name ListsFind out the most common first and last names in the United States, as determined by the 1990 Census. Click "Names File" to access male, female, and surnames.

Plant Reference

Plant Information Online allows you to search for both plant information as well as to locate retailers of a specific plant. Also provides info on articles, books, and journals related to the search item.

Wikidot is a free wiki hosting site that is most excellent!

Eyeglasses Online

This site reviews many online retailers. Helpful.

Indiana Business Resources

Indiana Business Research Center

Education Resources

Kids Count Data Center

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